Brainwave Powered
Brain Sensors

EEG headsets measure brainwaves of participants inside the meditation chamber, tracking alpha and theta levels

Meditation Driven

Brainwaves grow increasingly calm in deepening meditative states, triggering lush changes in video and sound

Responsive Video

Video art inside the meditation chamber morphs and changes, live synced to participants' brainwaves

Lush Soundscape

Sampled sounds from nature, space, anthropology archives, and sacred tunes, woven into murmuring prayer

Locally Sourced - Site Specific

Few people know that the Paiute reservation in Washoe Nevada is home to North America's oldest rock art, carved into the "mother rock" 14,000 years ago. For Always Already's mural art, tracings were made from those ancient images. We'll ask the tribe to contribute prayers and sacred song to our soundscape.

Mother Rock Tracing

Note from the Artist

I've spent countless hours meditating and doing yoga on boulders, at home where Los Angeles kisses wilderness. I sleep a stone's throw from ancient cave paintings left by shamans who walked these hills. Atop our mountain crest, NASA test rocket-stands align with millennia-old solstice markers. Feeling centuries expand and contract each time my foot hits the trail... I'm moved on a primordial level, like our fore mothers painting in caves, to show our young what it means to connect to the cosmos.

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