Mind Murmur

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Mind Murmur

Art Installation, Burning Man 2018

Brain Wave Controlled

Meditation Drives the Show

Beneath a glowing pyramid, a seasoned meditator sits peacefully in lotus position, wearing an EEG headset. As their meditation deepens, the pyramid pulses and responds.

Alpha and Theta brainwaves bloom into rich fractal art and morphing video, illuminating the pyramid's walls. Participants hear and feel the meditator's heartbeat magnified into deep-bass, mixed with a lush soundscape sampled from nature, space, anthropology archives, sacred tunes, and Burners murmuring self-authored prayers.


Brain Waves

Mind Controlled

An EEG headset captures live brain waves of the person meditating beneath the pyramid. The pyramid comes alive with EEG-driven video and sound.


Deepening State

Meditators are the crown jewel of Mind Murmur. As their meditation deepens into Alpha and Theta brain wave states, video and sound become increasingly lush.


Responsive Imagery

EEG responsive video illuminates the pyramid's walls, both inside and out. We'll use live brain waves to mingle video imagery with morphing fractal art.


Meditative Sounds

Sensual sound flows through the pyramid, cued by brain waves. Animal voices, planetary fields, murmured prayer, a secret forest, heartbeats, bells... sonified, sculpted, intertwined.


Live Algorithm Art

Using live EEG data to drive parameters, mammoth fractal art blooms across the pyramid's walls. Color, speed, shape and intensity shift in tandem with the meditator's brain states.


Meditation Mind Mixology

Join us at the pyramid, Wednesday 8pm Aug 29th for guided meditation and discussions about consciousness, followed by custom-crafted cocktails and DJs spinning tunes. learn more

You are Cordially Invited

Special Event at the Pyramid

Dance, drink, and think... Join a brief group meditation at the Mind Murmur art installation. Followed by mind-bending discussions on consciousness lead by Brain Scientists Eti Ben Simone PhD (neuroscientist, sleep researcher) and Nir Lahav (physicist, neuroscientist, consciousness researcher). Questions we’ll explore: how is consciousness impacted by meditation, dreams and psychedelics? Then listen/dance to DJs, and chase it all down with delicious hand-crafted cocktails mixed to order… sip rosemary-elderflower martinis & fresh-kicking ginger Moscow Mules. Let your inner-zenmaster out to play.

Wednesday 8pm - 10pm, August 29th on Playa at Mind Murmur

Get Invovled

Seeking: meditators, installation monitors, and more

Mind Murmur Wants You!


We are ALL Connected

Artist's statement

Creating Burning Man projects can be extremely challenging. Our team of programmers, AV artists, and fabricators stretch from Moscow to Berkeley. For Mind Murmur, I've spent hundreds of hours (and more) designing, researching, networking, planning.

Why do I do it?

Because. I want to share subtle insights into non-locality and non-ownership of consciousness gleaned from 10-years of meditating on boulders in dazzling sunlight. I want you to feel what the hills and trails of California have taught me: we ARE all connected. This core intent is embedded in everything we're doing, sacred journey.


Dina Fisher

Lead Artist
Los Angeles

Aurel Jacquot

Lead Programmer, Fractal Artist

Chris Adams

Australia, San Francisco

Julia Burke Ferguson

Sound Artist, Chicago

Egor Borisov

Palo Alto CA

Shawn Cutter

Tampa FL

Nir Lahav PhD

Science Consultation
Berkeley CA

Eti Ben Simon PhD

Science Consultation
Berkeley CA

Amir Wilf

Tel Aviv

Sofia Godovykh

Programmer, Logistics
San Francisco

Joy Fisher

Los Angeles

Joy Fisher

Robin Hild

Los Angeles

Renewed Connections

Dina, Aurel and Nir collaborated on Midnight Star, a Burning Man 2017 Art Installation.

New Collaboration

The warmest welcome possible to this year's new crew members. Bridging oceans, cultures, mountains and time zones, we collaborate remotely to bring art to fruition.

Help Bring Mind Murmur to Life

Mind Murmur is created with love by volunteers, but we sure could use help paying for materials and supplies!!!

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